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Clinical Negligence Information

We are specialist medical negligence solicitors operating throughout the United Kingdom whose sole intention is to ensure that victims of clinical accidents receive adequate compensation for any injury that they suffer as a result of incompetence by the medical profession including consultants, doctors, dentists, nurses and other staff employed by the national health authorities.

The Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel

This type of personal injury litigation is controlled by general legislation and specific case law and requires legal expertise that is not found in other branches of personal injury law. These legal cases are distinct from other compensation claims and require specialist lawyers. Many of the solicitors that operate within our network have specialist certification, some are medically qualified and in England and Wales they are all members of The Law Society clinical negligence panel whose membership comprises exclusively of those lawyers who have been able to prove that they have the necessary skill and expertise to entitle them to call themselves specialists.

Legal Aid

Membership of The Law Society clinical negligence panel is also a pre-requisite for those solicitors who hope to deal with publicly funded cases for those that are eligible using the legal aid scheme in England and Wales. Only those lawyers who are panel members can apply for legal aid. It is a matter of some concern, in regards to certain law firms, that in such a technical area of the law, firms who are not Law Society panel members are still entitled to deal with non legal aid claims on a privately funded basis. All of the solicitors in our network have proved their ability by virtue of panel membership and are franchised to make an immediate application for legal aid and are entitled to represent their clients in legally aided cases. Less than 1% of solicitors in the UK are entitled to apply for legal aid or represent clients using legal aid in clinical cases.

The Medical Profession

There is always risk involved in treatment and in surgical procedures. If a patient is injured as a result of a known risk in circumstances where the practitioner was not at fault and the patient was fully aware of the risks involved then it is unlikely that a claim for compensation will succeed. In order for a medical negligence solicitor to prove a case it must be shown that the practitioner failed to act in the same way that a substantial body of the medical profession would have acted and even if the procedure had some support within the profession it must be shown that the therapy was logical. If there is more than one possible treatment, it may well not be negligence simply because the one that was used fails and another may have succeeded. Furthermore it must be proved that any illness or deterioration of the patientís condition was directly attributed to the alleged erronious treatment.

Free Legal Advice

We are able to deal with cases in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you would like to talk to an expert lawyer just complete the contact form and an expert will phone you to give free advice without any further obligation whatsoever.